SimCity Deluxe

SimCity Deluxe (Nokia Series 40) 1.0.0

Get back to city building basics with SimCity Deluxe

Become the mayor of your own city as SimCity Deluxe goes back to its traditional roots.

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  • Keeps original game concept
  • Fun and easy


  • Freezes occasionally
  • Fiddly gameplay

Not bad

Become the mayor of your own city as SimCity Deluxe goes back to its traditional roots.

Keep your citizens happy

Build up your city by choosing residential, industrial, commercial, cultural, safety, health and education buildings. Then try to keep your citizens happy by constructing the right mix of these buildings. Although this isn't all that accurate, as the menu would tell me to build more commercial buildings when I could see that there were still plenty of these type of buildings that were not being used.

You can also change the tax rate to earn more money (although this will affect the happiness of your citizens) and chose the speed of your game. And one of the most fun scenarios - tearing down and rebuilding your city with a natural disaster.

You'll also get pop ups from time to time giving you assignments, such as building an airport, or a stadium or a school.

Tricky controls

It's a bit fiddly to build exactly where you want in SimCity Deluxe. Building road is particularly difficult, as you have to lay each piece individually and navigate to the exact spot to place it. The game also does freeze from time to time.

There is a tutorial to start with but gameplay isn't challenging. Although navigating the menus can be a headache as the game isn't very responsive.

Turn your small city into a metropolis

The graphics are very, very basic, with not much detail but if you played the original game series on consoles then you'll recognize the layouts. And the longer you play the game, the more impressive your city will look, as your residential buildings turn into skyscrapers and your commercial buildings turn into massive corporations. The natural disasters also look pretty cool (check out the screenshot for a glimpse of the tornado wreaking havoc in the city).

Fun for city-building fans

SimCity Deluxe is certainly not the most advanced version of the game, while it's features and gameplay leave a lot to be desired. Saying that, it's still a good option if you like city building games and are a fan of the look and feel of the original SimCity.

SimCity Deluxe


SimCity Deluxe (Nokia Series 40) 1.0.0

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